New series in progress, ‘Lo Senti’. show traditional hand worked leather sculptures of hunting birds gilded in copper leaf, with clay feet, set on portland stone. The leashes are embossed with poems by Rumi. The birds symbolise freedom and restriction.


Bird Brain

Delves into the conscious and asks the viewer how we see ourselves and others, for nothing is always as it seems. Individual birds have been chosen to signify the character traits on the road to awareness. A series of 10 works 2014-2107 using traditional leather working techniques and real bird skulls. Images in sequence - Look and Look Again, Illusion, Fourtitude, Self Reliance 2 of 2, Reflection, Peace 2 of 2, Joy, Love


A series of pieces inspired by microscopic natural forms, using hand tooled leather techniques and laser cutting.

Flora and Fauna

A series of decorative leather pieces shown in The Project Space at Collect, The international Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design 2011, Saatchi Gallery.
Inspired by Georgina’s late Grandmother Rose, whose beautiful rose garden holds childhood memories and adventures.